The original idea for this piece was for it to be part of a much larger installation but on Dame Stephany’s suggestion I’ve made it as a single work which the children will have access to and hopefully physically interact with.

A torus is a geometric form which is particularly simple to generate using computer software (although particularly difficult any other way). My interest in using computers as an additional creative tool has let to my experimenting with forms in this way and Torus came directly from this activity. The ability to resize and reform shapes, render surfaces, place them above or below ground in any position with the click of a button gives the artist extraordinary freedom to experiment and Torus is a result of just such activity. I have attempted to transpose the element of chance that occurs so readily on the screen to the present site resulting in an object that may have dropped from the sky, or maybe half excavated and abandoned . The painted undersurface is an approximate rendering of the computers idea of what wood looks like, so far removed from the source that it becomes transformed into the inexplicable and enigmatic, like the form itself.

To see a short movie of Torus, click on the link below.